Rhys Razors RR5 Safety Razor

The Rhys Razors RR5 Safety Razor is a high quality 3 piece razor, with chrome plated brass handles and chrome plated zinc alloy heads that will never rust.

The RR5 is a long and light razor with a knurled and hollow handle that is perfect for both beginners and veteran wet shavers alike. It is a great razor for those that want something lighter (and therefore less cutting pressure) but still have a long handle. It comes with 10 free blades!! Including 5 Shark Super Stainless and 5 Derby Extra. 

Each razor is visually inspected before shipping. There may be light imperfections or scratches on the chrome, but they will not affect the functionality or longevity of the razor.  Blades in our razors like many 3 piece safety razors will be slightly loose until the handle is fully tightened. After adding a new blade to your razor, ensure that it is properly aligned before fully tightening the handle.

Each razor also comes with a free razor sheath while supplies last! 

Razor Length:   10.0cm  3.93in
Handle Length:  9.50cm  3.74in
Weight:  86g 3.0oz

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Product Tags: Rhys Razors, Safety Razor

Type: Safety Razor

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